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Urahara & Yoruichi

friends with benefits

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Before you join, consider that this community is dripping with spoilers for Bleach up to chapter 116 and episode 41. And, inspired by urahara_shouten, I don't require myself or my members to mark for anything below that. Past that episode and chapter are different stories however...

So... are all the unspoiled gone?

Well then, welcome to yo_ur! A Yoruichi and Urahara celebration! Anything related to them goes in here... like... this link to their fanlisting:

1) Mark spoilers past chapter 116 and episode 41.
2) Play nice.
3) Have enough common sense not to enrage me.
4) Having enough common sense not to enrage me includes using ratings (G to NC-17) and those nifty things called lj-cuts.
5) Just to remind you: this is not a general Bleach community, it's really just for Yoruichi and Urahara, and the focus is more on either or both. I will delete posts that have nothing to do with them. Apologies.
That is all.

Mod: beckingham
Co-Mod(s): nutty_scribbler
smoking_bleach (Crack Pairing Challenges)
bleach_liners (Line/Quote Challenges)
kis__ (Kaien, Ichigo & Shuuhei - what more could you want?)
ichi_hime (Ichigo & Orihime; Redheads United)
ichirenruki (Ichigo, Renji & Rukia; anything worth doing is worth doing in threes)
ichi_ruki (Ichigo & Rukia; strawberries and butterflies that kick ass daily)
ishi_ichi (Ishida & Ichigo; taking Romeo and Juliet to a new level)
bleach_pairings (Pairing Icontest; making characters into couples one icon at a time)
hitsuhina (Shiro-chan and Bedwetter Momo - love doesn't have to be mature)
bleachbeat (Icontests - Girl Style)
ura_ichi (Ichigo & Urahara. Your sexy doom awaits.)
byaku_hisa (The most angsty pairing ever; Byakuya & Hisana)
ken_yachiru (Yachiru and Kenpachi! A dangerously cute kind of love)
yorusoi (Soi Fong/Yoruichi. Ninja lovin')
ikkanemu (Ikkaku with Nemu. Minor character OMG-they-looked-at-each-other-in-one-scene-it-must-be-love. You know it.)
yoru_fans (Shihouin Yoruichi - radiating sex so you don't have to)
kon_fans (Kon. The oft cross-dressed lion plushy)
karakura_chaos (It's time to go back to the beginning)
tobiume_ (Hinamori: two parts devotion, one part determined, two parts adorable and all around Peachy)
bleach_exchange (Act out your Ninja!Santa fantasies here!)
death_n_berry (Challenges based on chapter titles - get with it!)
komasen (Komamura/Tousen... for fur and lack of sight? Aka: angst.)
sanbantaichou (Gin. Where you go to be creeped out.)
blademypride (We all love us some Ichigo, now don't we?)
renishi (Style!dork and Macho!dork--it's love.)
shuu_soi (It's all about the flex and bend)
3_6_9 (Got us a Kira, a Renji, and a Shuuhei. Overload, much?)
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